Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery Before And After

Cooper was born in Philadelphia on 5th January 1975 to a stockbroker father and an NBC affiliate mother. From very early on Cooper became well known in his neighborhood primarily due to his good looks and charming humorous nature. Who knew, later in life he would be awarded the “Sexiest Man Alive” title by Peoples magazine as well. Although acting was never his first passion, he still managed to get a good comic thing going on for himself.

Until he graduated from Georgetown, Cooper was a culinary arts guy and proudly exclaims food as his first love. He was also a very sporty young athlete, taking part in rowing and other activities from an early age. After graduating from Georgetown, Cooper started shifting and concentrating on a career in acting. His first get on television was through a fast food commercial. However his break into the industry happened when he landed himself a role on Sex in the City television series of 1999. Soon after, cooper started landing himself some great roles on television, especially in the comedy genre such as the Wedding Crashers (2005) and Failure to launch (2006)

Has Bradley Cooper Had Plastic surgery?

Bradley Cooper’s baby face has become the talk for many people. How does he manage to have such a lively fresh baby face even at 40 years of age? When speculation hit the ceiling and people starting digging in, some very revealing information started to crop up.

Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer was asked about his fine glowing face and the possibility that it could be due to some surgery or procedure. Answers inclined towards a possible yes with the possibility of Botox injections and chemical peel.

The American heartthrob is seen sporting a flawless ageless face around the country which then became clear was because it was a gift from a plastic surgeon and not just God. Speculations became clear and vivid especially after comparing his pictures taken earlier in his career to those taken later. Although the star may not have gotten any drastic surgery done, Botox is a strong possibility behind his wrinkle free skin. And Chemical peel could be the reason for his smooth glowing face. After all, if you got to stay in the game, you have got to play by the rules of the game.

There are also strong speculations made regarding his nose. A lot of people believe Bradley Cooper to have gotten a rhinoplasty to make his nose angular and much more appealing in combination with other features of his face. Although, the nose job doesn’t seem like a near future endeavor, renowned plastic surgeons believe the nose job to have been done earlier in his career. Moreover, the nose job doesn’t seem to have made a major change in the overall shape of the nose although it seems quite a bit refined and clear cut as compared to before. Rhinoplasty is one of the most regularly performed procedures by men in the Hollywood industry and hence if Bradley Cooper has gotten one done too, it really doesn’t matter because without close speculation it is not that prominent anyways.


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