Darby Stanchfield Plastic Surgery Before and After

Darby Stanchfield was born on April 29, 1971 in Kodiak, Alaska. She studied at the University of Puget Sound, where she graduated with a degree in Communications in 1993. She also graduated from San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theater. Her TV debut debut was in an episode of Diagnosis Murder in 2000.

She has since appeared in various TV shows, gaining recognition for her roles on Jericho, Mad Men, NCIS, and Castle. She then rose to mainstream fame for her portrayal of Abby Whelan in the hit show Scandal, a role she began to play in 2012. She made her film debut in 2005’s The Picture of Dorian Gray and was followed with 2007’s Waitress.

Has Darby Stanchfield had Plastic Surgery?

Darby Stanchfield has been on the screen since the early 2000s but only got her major break recently, thanks to her tight-gripping performance as Abby Whelan on Scandal. As she was brought into the limelight, the actress’ beauty became a household image among TV viewers and the fact that she’s already in her 40s surprised fans big time. The 43-year-old actress seems to look way too young than her actual age that she’s just either aging gracefully or relying to cosmetic procedures to maintain her youthful glow. Most think she’s naturally gifted and is just aging well.

The Scandal star actually has natural beauty routines that she strictly follows to make sure she takes care of her looks while staying healthy. In an interview with Shape, she got candid on her beauty habits. According to the actress, one factor that keeps her in great shape is her consistent work-outs. “I’ve really been enjoying Pilates lately”, she said. She also gets plenty of sleep and has healthy eating habits as she grows her own vegetables in her garden and avoids the temptations of junk foods. Her glow appears to be natural, must be from her natural ways of staying fit and radiant!

Darby Stanchfield Darby Stanchfield

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