Isabeli Fontana Plastic Surgery Before and After

Isabeli Fontana was born on July 4, 1983 in Curitiba, Brazil. Her modeling career began at age 13 when she made it to the finals of the Elite Model Look. She then moved to Milan, Italy the following year. At just the age of 16, she appeared in the lingerie catalogue for Victoria’s Secret.

She further gained mainstream recognition for appearances in the magazines Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Marie Claire, ELLE, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and many others. She has also been featured in ad campaigns for such brands as Armani Jeans, Chanel, Hugo Boss,Ralph Lauren, Revlon and Roberto Cavalli, among others.

Has Isabeli Fontana had Plastic Surgery?

The Brazilian model has established herself as a well-known name in the fashion industry at an early age, thanks to her high-profile appearances in various magazines and advertising campaigns. But as people got more familiar with her beauty, it became easier for them to notice any transformation, regardless if the change was subtle or drastic. With this, speculations started about Fontana allegedly getting breast implants in the early stage of her modeling career.

The breast augmentation reportedly took place shortly after giving birth to her first son in 2003. Such reports began to surface after some observers noticed that Fontana’s breasts appear to be fuller and rounder than they were when she was just starting out. Like many models, the 31-year-old was also flat-chested before the alleged surgery. Now, it is apparent how her cleavage looks more prominent in her runway walks. The alleged implants, were not too big, just the right size to match her body’s frame, making the said transformation subtle and almost natural.

Isabeli Fontana Isabeli Fontana

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