Marion Cotillard Plastic Surgery Before and After

Marion Cotillard was born on September 30, 1975 in Paris, France. She first came to prominence for her role in 2003’s Love Me If You Dare and received widespread acclaim for her portrayal of French singer Édith Piaf in 2007’s La Vie en Rose, for which she won an Oscar for Best Actress.

She has since established herself as one of the most beautiful and talented actress in Hollywood. Her other notable films are Public Enemies (2009), Nine (2009), Inception (2010), Midnight in Paris (2011), Contagion (2011), and The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

Has Marion Cotillard had Plastic Surgery?

The French actress recently sparked rumors of plastic surgery after she stepped out with a seemingly larger breasts. Because of the huge difference, many people quickly assumed that she did have plastic surgery to attain a bustier chest. She was originally a cup A but in the present it seems that her size has doubled. And since she’s already 38, there’s no way that her breasts got bigger naturally.

The only explanation for this obvious transformation is that she really went under the knife for a breast augmentation. This conclusion, however, contradicts Cotillard’s fear of needles, to which she confessed of having in previous interviews. If ever a breast augmentation really did happen, imagine the courage the actress has gathered to achieve the body she wanted.

Marion Cotillard Marion Cotillard

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