Reid Ewing Plastic Surgery Before and After

Reid Ewing was born on November 7, 1988 in Florida, United States. Prior to starting a career in Hollywood, he began performing in theater. To train further, he went to New York to attend School for Film and Television. Afterward, he decided to move to Los Angeles. In 2008, he made his screen debut in the low-budget movie Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! On television, he debuted as Dylan Marshall in the acclaimed sitcom Modern Family. He’s been playing the said role since 2009 until now.

At the same time, he also played Charlie Plunk in the Disney XD sitcom Zeke and Luther. He next played Derek in Good Luck Charlie, as well as guest starred as Johnny Cope in an episode of Up All Night. He also starred as Reid Rainbow in the web series Reiding. In the movies, he had performances in In Between Days, South Dakota, The Truth Below, and Fright Night. In 2013, he played Hugh Fields in the movie 10 Rules for Sleeping Around. This was followed by another role in the direct-to-video thriller Crush. Afterward, he starred in the drama film Mall. His latest film role was in 2016’s Temps.

Has Reid Ewing had Plastic Surgery?

In an article he wrote in 2015, the Modern Family actor admitted to undergoing plastic surgery (cheek implants) when he was 19. But the first time didn’t become his last. Instead of improving his look, it made his cheeks even more hollow. He then sought out another doctor. This time, a chin implant was suggested. Believing it would correct the problem that was caused by the first procedure, he agreed. Another problem arose, so he went through another operation again. He was 20 at that time. For the next couple of years, he had more plastic surgeries with two other doctors.

“Each procedure would cause a new problem that I would have to fix with another procedure. Anyone who has had a run-in with bad cosmetic surgery knows this is true.” said the actor. It turns out that Ewing was suffering from dysmorphic disorder, a mental illness in which one obssesses over his or her appearance. Unfortunately, none of the doctors who operated on him suggested he consulted a psychologist. There was no warning, either, that going under the knife could become an addiction. Eventually, the actor  had decided to stop. “I wish I could go back and undo all the surgeries. Now I can see that I was fine to begin with and didn’t need the surgeries after all,” he said.

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