Robert Pattinson Plastic Surgery Before And After

Robert Pattinson is the youngest and only son of Robert and Clare Pattinson, born on 13th May 1986 in London, England. At the time, his father was a car importer while his mother worked for a modeling agency. Although Pattinson initially had a very shy personality, he was always inspired by his elder sister’s music career and their father always encouraged him to pursue and learn acting.

While at a family dinner outing one night, the family found themselves sitting nearby a group of girls from Harrodian School in Barnes which had a great theater program known as the Barnes Theater Club. Ever since that night, Pattinson’s father “nagged” him about attending the school to the point where he would even pay him.

Even though Pattinson took on a number of roles while in college such as Anything Goes, his career hit the ceiling when he landed himself a role on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as Cedric Diggory. Ever since then, Pattinson’s life and career leaped forward in unimaginable ways such as taking on the leading role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight Series. Later, he also took on other roles in notable films like Water for the Elephants (2011).

Has Robert Pattinson had Plastic Surgery?

It is said that Robert Pattinson got a rhinoplasty done after his many failed attempts at modeling. After the successful nose job, the teen heartthrob landed himself the vampire role that changed his life forever. Although the surgery didn’t have a major effect on his popularity or individuality, but before and after pictures show how well aligned, neat and straight his nose has now recently become. Even though we don’t come across any comment that Pattinson may have made regarding his surgery, it is rather evident that the actor is not entirely against the whole prospect since he himself got it done. While we can never be sure of the exact reasons as to why he may have gotten the surgery done, it is rather understood that it could most probably be a bi-product of the circumstances that an acting career may always most certainly lead to.

However, there are many sources that rather refute the claim about Robert Pattinson every having a plastic surgery and in particular a rhinoplasty or nose job. Support for these assertions comes from well known plastic surgeons in the country who claim to have properly evaluated and reviewed the actors pictures and find no indication of any surgery whatsoever. They claim that his natural looks have not seen the insides of a plastic surgeon’s office nor operating theater. And that the actor has risen to fame primarily on the basis of good genes and exceptional grooming skills.

There are also some vivid rumors going around regarding the evident possibility of cheek implants that the actor may have gotten in recent years. Although, nose jobs and cheek implants happen to be the most common surgeries gotten done by male actors, there is little concrete support regarding the fact whether Robert Pattinson has actually gotten them done or not.


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