Diana Penty Plastic Surgery Before and After

Diana Penty was born on 2 November 1985 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She started her career as a model in the mid 2000s. She ultimately built a prominent career as a model. During her time in the fashion world, she walked the runways for top brands in the country. In the 2010s, she ventured into acting with her film debut in Cocktail.

For her performance here, she got a Filmfare nomination for Best Female Debut. She didn’t star in any films after this, though she continued her work as a model. She only returned in 2016 with s starring role in the Hindi romantic comedy Happy Bhag Jayegi. In the present she’s currently filming for the upcoming movie Lucknow Central.

Has Diana Penty had Plastic Surgery?

31-year-old Bollywood actress charms audiences with her remarkable beauty. Her debut in the 2012 movie Cocktail brought her to spotlight. As her prominence became wider, she also became susceptible to rumors of plastic surgery. Like Hollywood, Bollywood is also an industry that treats plastic surgery typical and sometimes, even necessary. Actors and actresses face the pressures of looking perfect all the time that going under the knife continues to become a popular option.

As for Penty, it seems the actress is keener to look natural. When asked about beauty, she said: “Be natural! Your own beauty will shine through. You cannot be someone else.” Even her make-up routine is so simple (she only uses face wash and moisturizer) that it is unlikely that she will ever undergo an invasive procedure to changer her looks. Though it appears she looks more glamorous in the present than before, it’s probably because of make-up and her sense of style has improved. Thus far it doesn’t look like the actress-model has had plastic surgery. Her body does not also show any signs of undergoing a cosmetic procedure. She’s still a natural beauty!

Diana Penty

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