Elisabeth Röhm Plastic Surgery Before and After

Elisabeth Röhm was born on April 28, 1973 in Düsseldorf, Germany to parents Eberhard Röhm and Lisa Loverde. Her first acting role was in the soap opera One Life to Live, playing the part of Dorothy Hayes from 1997–1998. Around the same time, she played an uncredited part in the movie Deconstructing Harry. Subsequently, she appeared on the TV shows Fantasy Island and Turks, as well as in the TV movies The Invisible Man and The ’60s.

In 1999, she starred in the miniseries Eureka Street. That same year, she became popularly known for her role as Kate on the TV series Angel. She next played the role of Alison in Bull in the early 2000s. Her most prominent role was as Serena Southerlyn in Law & Order, playing the role until 2005. Afterwards, she starred in the action-comedy movie Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous. From 2009 to 2010, she played Lauren in Heroes. Her most recent role was as Amanda Taylor in Stalker.

Has Elisabeth Röhm had Plastic Surgery?

The German-American actress is mostly known for her work on television with starring roles in the 2000s making her a household name. Surprisingly, the former Law & Order actress is already in her 40s and fans could attest to the fact that she looks way younger than her actual age. Despite being 42, Röhm’s face is as flawless and shiny as ever as if she’s exempted to aging. But of course, there’s no such thing as being exempted to nature’s one, true course.

Thus, the rumors of plastic surgery. Some have been wondering if the actress could have cosmetic procedures such as a facelift to address the lines on her face more permanently. She could also have Botox and chemical peels to further maintain her face’s complexion. In addition, she’s also being suspected of undergoing breast implants as viewers noticed of how her cup size has seemed to have increased. Could the actress be seeking for a sexier image?

Elisabeth Rohm

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