Jayma Mays Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jayma Mays was born on July 16, 1979. Following her high school graduation, she attended Southwest Virginia Community College. It was there that she earned an associate’s degree. She graduated with a bachelor’s from Radford University. She eventually pursued a career in acting. Her first role on television was in an episode of Joey. She then had guest appearances on The Comeback and Six Feet Under. Her big screen debut was in the film Red Eye. After small roles in the films Flags of Our Fathers and Smiley Face, she played her first starring role in Epic Movie. On TV, she had recurring roles on Heroes and Ugly Betty. She got her major breakthrough after landing the role of Emma Pillsbury on the acclaimed series Glee. She starred on the show from 2009 to 2015. She now has a voice role on The Adventures of Puss in Boots. She’s also known for starring on The Smurfs and its sequel.

Has Jayma Mays had Plastic Surgery?

The 37-year-old actress continues her successful run as a film and TV actress. Thanks to Glee, she has since become a household name. Just recently, the actress stepped out looking different. Her seemingly new appearance in a photograph triggered speculations from observers. There was even a survey conducted, asking spectators to vote just by looking at the photo. The result? 66% of observers didn’t think she went under the knife. The remaining 34% believed she employed the services of a plastic surgeon.

For one, the actress is nearing her 40s. These are the times when signs of aging typically start to appear. Lines and wrinkles begin to pile up on one’s face and even on the neck. For this reason, some men and women who don’t like this sight turn to cosmetic remedies. Could this be the case for Mays? Looking at her present look, it would just seem that the actress only looks different and improved because of heavy make-up. Without make-up, her face looks the same. There are also no signs of invasive procedures.


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