Matthew Gray Gubler Plastic Surgery Before and After 

Matthew Gray Gubler was born on March 9, 1980 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. He first worked as a professional model before he started acting. He was discovered by a model scout at NYU film school, and he got a contract with Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, and American Eagle, among others. He had an internship with Wes Anderson who gave him the role of Nico (Intern #1) in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004). That made way for him to get his spot on the hit TV series Criminal Minds as Dr. Spencer Reid, a genius in the FBI Behavioural Analysis Unit.

Matt has always loved film making and is as passionate about it as he is in acting, and has soon ventured into directing. He learned the techniques in Tisch School of the Arts in NYU, where he majored in film directing. He has tried to direct several episodes of the show, which is now on its way 11th season. He appeared in different movies

Has Matthew Gray Gubler had Plastic Surgery? 

The 26 year-old actor has garnered a lot of fans for the crime drama series and for his character as this genius but nerdy looking FBI agent. His looks has changed a lot from the show’s earlier seasons and this has raised suspicions if the actor has had plastic surgery. Though still young, Gubler has been appearing on TV with his sullen eyes and visible laugh lines on his face but during the latest seasons, his skin appeared firmer and he definitely looks younger.

Gubler has been suspected to have had Botox, which is very noticeable if you compare his looks to the earlier Spencer Reid. It also appears that he had reductions done to the dark circles in his eyes. The actor hasn’t admitted to having undergone plastic surgery and it may just well be that he has taken better care of himself. He also gained some healthy pounds which would explain why his cheeks looked firmer.


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