Amy Brenneman Plastic Surgery Before and After

Amy Brenneman was born on June 22, 1964 in New London, Connecticut. She began acting as a teenager by joining a school and a local theater group. She then attended Harvard University where she graduated with a degree in comparative religion. During her time in Harvard, she also co-founded Cornerstone Theatre Company.

She then gained recognition on television for her role as Officer Janice Licalsi in NYPD Blue. This led her to appear in well-known films, including Casper, Heat, Fear, The Jane Austen Book Club and many others. She then returned to the small screen with main roles in Judging Amy and Private Practice.

Has Amy Brenneman had Plastic Surgery?

The Private Practice actress had no qualms in revealing that she’s no stranger to cosmetic enhancements such as Botox. Since she’s already 50, it’s not that even surprising that she’d turn to cosmetic remedies to help her conceal those nasty signs of aging. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, when asked about why she had Botox, she answered straight to the point, saying: “Because I don’t like wrinkles”.

However, she found it bizarre that she couldn’t move her face and the restriction made her extremely uncomfortable. So, despite Botox getting rid of her wrinkles, she realized she didn’t like it and that it wasn’t for her, implying that she had stopped using this treatment. She added: “If you were a model or socialite, it might work, but I’m literally paid to express complex feelings with my face.”

Amy Brenneman Amy Brenneman

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