Cheryl Burke Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cheryl Stephanie Burke was born on May 3, 1984 in San Francisco, California. She started taking ballet lessons when she was four. She decided to shift her focus when she began ballroom dancing, later training in standard ballroom and Latin dances. At the age of 13, she began to enter in dance competitions.

She rose to mainstream recognition when she became one of the professional dancers on the reality show Dancing with the Stars, where she became the first female professional dancer to win the show. She has also appeared on other TV shows such as The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Has Cheryl Burke had Plastic Surgery?

The Dancing with the Stars dancer came under fire when she posted a photo of herself via social media while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The photograph inadvertently caused her to be the subject of various plastic surgery rumors, with people claiming she’s lost too much weight and that her lips look to have been cosmetically enhanced. The immediate negative feedback of a mere bikini selfie shocked the dancer. She said: “It’s one thing to see negative comments about yourself in the press, it’s another to be criticized by individual people on your own social media pages.”

Burke then denied all the rumors of plastic surgery, saying she’s lost 25 pounds by eating healthier and exercising more. She told ABC News: “I totally let my guard down and wasn’t expecting people to start hurling insults, especially things about me having fake lips and plastic surgery? That’s literally crazy.” In an interview for Access Hollywood, the professional dancer also vehemently denied the rumors: “I’ve seriously had no plastic surgery. I used to get bullied as a kid for having big ears and big lips and they would call me monkey face. So I’ve always had the big lips.”

Cheryl Burke Cheryl Burke

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