Cierra Ramirez Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cierra Ramirez was born on March 9, 1995. She was 10 when she made her first appearance on TV, performing on Showtime at the Apollo. She next had a supporting role in the movie All In. During the same period, she made one-episode roles on CSI: Miami, Zoey 101 and Desperate Housewives. In 2007, she had a recurring character, playing Jasmine on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. She also starred in the TV movie Star and Stella Save the World.

She appeared on the TV series My Own Worst Enemy, but her scenes were not included. After this, she took a break from acting. She only returned in 2012 after about 4 years. She appeared as a guest on the TV shows Piper’s Quick Picks and The Talk. Around the same time, she gained notice for playing Kathy on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. In 2013, she started starring as Mariana Adams-Foster on The Fosters. She also starred in the film Girl in Progress.

Has Cierra Ramirez had Plastic Surgery?

She may only be 21 but The Fosters star is getting much buzz for her recent physical transformation. Starting her career at age 10, those who have followed her acting journey would surely notice how she has grown up now. And by grown up meaning her remarkable transformation. Her facial features, for example, have gone from sharper and fiercer compared to her sweet look when she was younger. Probably just natural changes since she’s in her 20s now. But what about the sudden increase in her cup size?

Her fans even joined a poll asking if the former The Secret Life of the American Teenager actress has had plastic surgery and 58% thought she did. Looking at her recent photos, it is apparent how the young star’s breasts have gone bigger. They’ve got larger and fuller, as well, sparking rumors of breast implants. For some, it is quite shocking considering she’s only in her early 20s. For others, it’s nothing new since sometimes even actresses younger than she is chooses the plastic surgery route. As for The Fosters actress, she has remained mum with regards the issue.

Cierra Ramirez

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