Erika Christensen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Erika Jane Christensen was born on August 19, 1982 in Seattle, Washington. Raised in Los Angeles, she began her career by appearing in TV commercials. After appearing in various TV shows, she began her film career with 1997’s Leave It to Beaver.

Her major breakthrough came in 2000 with the critically acclaimed film Traffic. She has since starred in other feature films, including Swimfan (2002), The Perfect Score (2004), The Upside of Anger (2005) and Flightplan (2005). On television, she’s known for her roles as Mae Edwards in Six Degrees and as Julia Braverman-Graham in Parenthood.

Has Erika Christensen had Plastic Surgery?

Christensen has long been receiving rumors about the way she has physically evolved since her critically-acclaimed performance in 2000’s Traffic when she was 18. Now 31, there have been reports that the Parenthood actress has had a rhinoplasty procedure. Some observers dismissed the claims as although her nose’s present size indicates plastic surgery, its irregular shape suggests otherwise, implying that it’s still the way it is.

Aside from this, it has also been reported that Christensen’s prominent bust isn’t natural but is just actually a result of going under the knife. Fans argued that the actress is really gifted with large breasts but some observers think that her bosom is distinctively larger these days. Though the claims of breast implants aren’t strongly justified, experts think that Christensen should, instead, consider breast lift in the future.

Erika Christensen Erika Christensen

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