Gemma Ward Plastic Surgery Before and After

Gemma Louise Ward was born on November 3, 1987 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia. She was originally interested in acting as a child but was scouted as a model by accident when she was 14. At age 16, she became the youngest model to be featured on American Vogue.

Her acting career initially started in 2001 when she was 14, appearing in the film Pink Pyjamas. Her next film role came seven years later with the 2008 Australian movie The Black Balloon, followed by The Strangers, which became her first American film. She recently appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and The Great Gatsby.

Has Gemma Ward had Plastic Surgery?

26-year-old model Gemma Ward is widely known for her unique and fragile signature look. There’s no doubt that the features that made her popular are all natural as she gained recognition in the international modeling world when she was just 16. The model/actress then spoke of her thoughts on plastic surgery during an interview back in 2011 to discuss her stage debut in the Perth Theatre Company production of The Ugly One, which tackles about the ubiquity of plastic surgery.

Ward revealed that though she can somehow empathize with the play’s subject, she has never had plastic surgery herself. She said: “I’ve never gone to drastic measures like plastic surgery. I think it’s something which is apparent in our culture and through our time. Plastic surgery seems to be the one thing today which is the most popular almost-form of mutilation for beauty. But obviously it’s very common.” Does her statement sound like she’s considering cosmetic surgery in the future?

Gemma Ward Gemma Ward

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