Jennifer Morrison Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jennifer Morrison was born on April 12, 1979 in Chicago, Illinois, US. She began her acting career during her teens in the mid 1990s with roles in the movies Intersection and Miracle on 34th Street. After half a decade of taking a break from acting, she returned in 1999 with roles in Stir of Echoes and Urban Legends: Final Cut.

Afterwards, she moved on to television with her debut in The Chronicle in 2001. She later played a recurring role in Dawson’s Creek. Her breakout role came in 2004 after landing the part of Dr. Allison Cameron in House. Simultaneously, she played a recurring character in How I Met Your Mother. Since 2011, she’s been starring as Emma Swan in Once Upon a Time. In the 2010s, she has also appeared in the movies Warrior, Knife Fight, and Some Girl(s).

Has Jennifer Morrison had Plastic Surgery?

36-year-old Jennifer Morrison has found her niche on television, courtesy of her roles in House and the still-running fantasy series Once Upon a Time. Though she has always been beautiful, talks of possible plastic surgery is beginning to surface. According to some claims, Morrison’s current appearance is different from what she looked like years before. Her present look has gone more refined due to sharpening of her facial features. Could it be a rhinoplasty procedure?

After all, a nose job always contribute in the transformation of the overall features. Some believe it could be her nose that has changed. Her previous nose had a crooked tip while her “new” one seems to have been straightened out. There are rumors of a breast augmentation, too, since her cup size has appeared to have been enlarged. Though if ever she’s really had it, she made sure it wouldn’t be so obvious as the she didn’t opt for a huge increase. However, unlike other celebrities, rumors about Jennifer Morrison’s plastic surgery are not as strong and persistent.

Jennifer Morrison

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