Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jodie Sweetin was born on January 19, 1982. She was only five when she got her major breakthrough as Stephanie Tanner on Full House. The sitcom ran for eight seasons from 1987 to 1995. She basically grew up on the show. After Full House, she continued acting on television, mostly with guest roles. The shows she had guest starred in were Brotherly Love and Party of Five. She became less active in the 2000s.

She had a guest appearance in an episode of Yes, Dear. She also ventured into hosting with Pants-Off Dance-Off. At the same time, she acted in a couple of low-budget films. In 2011, she was part of the main cast of the unknown show Can’t Get Arrested. This also became short-lived. In 2015, she starred in the movie Walt Before Mickey. The following year, she started playing her role again as Stephanie Tanner on Fuller House. The show is the continuation of Full House. She also appeared as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars’s 22nd season.

Has Jodie Sweetin had Plastic Surgery?

Former child star Jodie Sweetin is now in her 30s. Thanks to her stint in Full House back in the 1980s and 1990s, she’s back on television again with Fuller House. Call this an incredible comeback for her. After all, she didn’t really have any notable roles on film and television after Full House ended in 1995. It’s just now with Fuller House that she’s back in the spotlight. As fans of Full House knew her when she was younger, it was also easier for some observers to detect physical changes, notable ones that could not be natural.

One constant rumor about Sweetin as she became a grown-up was the sudden increase in her cup size. There always have been reports about the Fuller House getting plastic surgery to increase her breasts’ size. Before and after photos show that her once average cup size became prominently larger. Could this be really plastic surgery or just part of her natural evolution as a grown-woman? There could be lots of assumptions about the issue, but only Sweetin could answer the question.


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