Kelli Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kelli Williams was born on June 8, 1970. Her acting career started in 1989, debuting in an episode of the TV series Beauty and the Beast. She appeared in some television films afterward, as well as made one-time roles in various TV shows. In 1990, she starred as Mattie Walker in the short-lived program Elvis. That same year, she had a role in the direct-to-video film Zapped Again! By 1993, she had made her big-screen debut in the film Mr. Jones. This was followed by a performance in the 1994 film There Goes My Baby.

During this period, Williams starred in several made-for-television films. She went on to star as Ellie in the TV series New York News. The actress had her breakout role as Lindsay Dole in the ABC series The Practice, which she starred in from 1997 to 2003. After the series ended, she landed the part of Dr. Natalie Durant in the NBC show Medical Investigation. After its cancellation, she played Julia Switzer in Men in Trees. She then became further known for starring as Dr. Gillian Foster in the Fox series Lie to Me. Following this, she starred in the 2012 film Any Day Now. She continued her work on television, this time starring as Jackie Clark in Army Wives. She next played Allison McLean in Ties That Bind and Justina Marks in The Fosters.

Has Kelli Williams had Plastic Surgery?

In an interview with Marie Claire, she confessed to having breast implants when she was 19. However, she changed her mind and decided to have them removed when she was 22.  The Lie to Me actress is the daughter of plastic surgeon John Williams. Having watched her father conduct countless cosmetic surgeries, she advised women in another interview to really think about plastic surgery before undergoing one.

“People don’t realise the long-term effects of it and the upkeep and what it does to your body, particularly with implants, which I had removed when I was 22,” shared the actress. “I’ve watched every procedure my father has done in his office. There’s a couple of procedures that made me squeamish, like implants and facelifts.”

Kelli Williams Kelli Williams

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