Lauren Cohan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Born on January 7, 1982 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Lauren Cohan moved to the United Kingdom with her family when she was 13. In her later life, she started an acting career, first appearing in the 2005 film Casanova. It was, however, on television that she left a mark, beginning with her role as Bela in Supernatural.

She has since played notable characters on the small screen, as Rose in The Vampire Diaries and Vivian in Chuck. In 2011, she rose to mainstream fame after landing the role of Maggie Greene in The Walking Dead. The show’s worldwide popularity has made Cohan, along with her co-stars, very well-known. Her most recent work as a film actress was in 2014’s Reach Me.

Has Lauren Cohan had Plastic Surgery?

The beautiful Lauren Cohan now plays one of the strongest female characters on television. Her role as tomboyish Maggie who fell in love with Glenn has got fans rooting for their romance to last long in the zombie apocalypse. With her newfound fame, Cohan also now becomes a subject of plastic surgery rumors, especially after some noticed how her body has changed recently. Others point breast augmentation as the cause for the said change.

Rumors began when recent photos of the actress show her with a seemingly fuller cleavage compared to before. Also, the actress has a slim physique that for her to have a more voluptuous chest seems unlikely, unless intervened with cosmetic procedure. The thing is, if Cohan did really have plastic surgery for a boob job, would it not be much of a burden considering how action-packed The Walking Dead is? Too much moving around would surely make someone with a plastic surgery-enhanced breasts uncomfortable. Plastic surgery or not, Cohan has a promising career ahead of her.

Lauren Cohan

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