Peyton List Plastic Surgery Before and After

Peyton Roi List was born on April 6, 1998 in Florida, US. She began her career as a child actress, first appearing in the soap opera As the World Turns in 2002. Two years later, she made an uncredited appearance in the movie Spider-Man 2 and landed a guest spot in another soap, All My Children. In 2008, she gained notice for playing the young Jane Nichols (Katherine Heigl) in 27 Dresses.

Subsequently, she appeared in the movies Confessions of a Shopaholic, 3 Backyards, Remember Me, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and Bereavement. She gained further recognition in 2011 for her role as Holly Hills in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, a role she reprised in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days in 2012. Also in 2011, she began playing the role of Emma Ross in the Disney sitcom Jessie. She reprised her role as Emma in the spin-off show BUNK’D.

Has Peyton List had Plastic Surgery?

The Disney star many only be 17, but she, too, is not exempted to people’s combined curiosity and scrutiny, especially when a celebrity’s physical appearance is involved. When observers question an actor’s dramatic transformation, it is also being implied that plastic surgery may be in play. So, yes, there have been questions and claims about the young actress’ possible involvement with surgical enhancements as her appearance these days seems to be too refined, like her face has been molded precisely. Could it be a nose job?

Of course, those who have followed her career would know that she started acting as a little girl and now that she’s a young lady, it might just be her natural tendency to change that caused her notable transformation. Being in her late teens, List’s body and everything about it is still developing. Somehow, her changing looks can be attributed to that, as well as to make-up and styling. Fans can only wonder of the validity of these claims as the young actress hasn’t said anything about it, not yet at least.

Peyton List

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