Radha Mitchell Plastic Surgery Before and After

Radha Rani Amber Indigo Ananda Mitchell was born on November 12, 1973 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She began her acting career in the Australian children’s TV series Sugar and Spice in 1988. She then gained recognition when she landed the role of Catherine O’Brien in the popular Australian soap opera Neighbors.

She began to work in Hollywood, appearing in the films Phone Booth (2002) and Man on Fire (2004). She eventually gained wider recognition for her role in 2004’s Finding Neverland. She has since starred in other films such as Silent Hill and Surrogates.

Has Radha Mitchell had Plastic Surgery?

The 40-year-old Australian actress is now an established performer in the Hollywood scene, thanks to some notable roles on big films. As she continues to work in Tinseltown and becomes more familiar with Hollywood life, the Finding Neverland actress has grown to recognize the pressure to look beautiful and youthful in the film industry but this doesn’t persuade her to do the same. In an interview with Kate Waterhouse, she said: “You see a lot of people with plastic surgery [in Hollywood] and a lot of people feel like they need to do that but I find it tedious.”

She added: “At first you think these people are joking but you realise they are really serious about it. I guess, what’s the difference in someone getting a facelift or fixing their car, I don’t know, but personally I don’t see it as a real focus and I would hope it doesn’t become a focus with getting older.” Given her thoughts on plastic surgery, could this mean that she wouldn’t try minor enhancements to appear younger? With the increasing pressure in Hollywood, it’s hard to tell.

Radha Mitchell Radha Mitchell

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