Rita Ora Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rita Ora was born on November 26, 1990 in Pristina, SFR Yugoslavia. She started singing at an early age and finished her education at the Sylvia Young Theatre School and then St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College. She started singing and performing at open mic sessions around London, and even at her father’s pub from time to time.

She was noticed sometime in 2011 when she released covers and videos on YouTube, which got the attention of DJ Fresh who also happened to be looking for a female singer for his single “Hot Right Now”. She released her debut album, Ora, in 2012 where it peaked at Number 1 in the UK. Her first song for her second album “I Will Never Let You Down” also became an international hit.

Has Rita Ora had Plastic Surgery?

The British singer is on everyone’s radar right now, thanks to her hit single “I Will Never Let You Down”. Her musical talents and energy as a performer certainly brought her all the way to fame, securing her status as a sought-after celebrity in the present days. However, as she continues to gain recognition, some fans and critics alike can’t help wonder if Ora, as stylish as she appears, has had plastic surgery to change her looks. Some of the rumors going around are that the singer-songwriter has had a nose job to achieve a more glamorous appearance.

These claims suggest that since going mainstream, Ora’s looks have gone from plain to sophisticated. Though there’s the case of heavy make-up, lights and great styling, which can all contribute to her incredible image, reports of plastic surgery still persist. Another rumor is that of a breast augmentation. She’s certainly getting sexier and one reason that could have caused her to appear as such is her bigger breasts. But all these are just claims and rumors and the singer herself hasn’t made any comments regarding the issue.

Rita Ora Rita Ora

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