Scott Speedman Plastic Surgery Before and After

Canadian actor Scott Speedman was born on September 1, 1975. He was a competitive swimmer but an injury stopped him from further pursuing his athletic goals and eventually became interested in acting. His professional acting career started in 1995 on television. Three years later, he achieved mainstream recognition courtesy of his role as Ben Covington on the acclaimed TV series Felicity, which ran for four seasons. After Felicity, he starred as Michael Corvin in the film Underworld, gaining him wider attention among international moviegoers. He went on to reprise his role in the sequel Underworld: Evolution. He has also starred in the films The Strangers, The Vow, and The Captive, among others. In the 2010s, he also starred on the TV series Last Resort. As of 2016, he stars on the new TNT series Animal Kingdom.

Has Scott Speedman had Plastic Surgery?

The former Felicity actor will turn 41 this year, though everyone knew him as the college boy Ben Covington on the said series. Apparently, there’s youthfulness in the actor that makes him look younger than his actual age. Due to this fact, some wonder what enhancements could the actor have undergone that helped him maintain his boyish charm. Seeing him recently to promote his new show Animal Kingdom, it would seem that Speedman’s face is much clearer and just appears more flawless.

Could it be possible that the actor tried Botox shots to erase lines and wrinkles from his face? It’s a possibility even for actors who want to eliminate traces of ageing on their face. In the movie The Vow a few years back, it was apparent that the actor looks have aged, which, of course, is natural. But in his recent appearances, it would seem that he looks fresher. Did he undergo cosmetic enhancements as part of his preparation for his new show?

Scott Speedman

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