Alice Braga Plastic Surgery Before and After

Alice Braga Moraes was born on April 15, 1983 in São Paulo, Brazil. Her mother and aunt are both actresses, getting her knack and passion for acting from them. She started auditioning for film and TV roles as a teenager and first gained recognition when she starred in the 2002 Brazilian film City of God.

She then made her English-language debut in 2006’s Journey to the End of the Night. The following year, she gained mainstream attention for her role in 2007’s I Am Legend. She has since starred in Repo Men, On the Road and Elysium, among others.

Has Alice Braga had Plastic Surgery?

The Brazilian beauty has become a household name in Hollywood after her portrayal of Angélica in City of God. Since then, she has appeared in a number of prominent films in the United States. As viewers become more familiar of her beauty and talent, some has asked if the 31-year-old actress has had plastic surgery over the years. After all, plastic surgery’s ubiquity in Hollywood can somehow trigger insecurities among men and women and make them more susceptible to its influence.

According to some rumors, the I Am Legend star may have had a rhinoplasty procedure at one point in her career. Some observers think her nose has been reshaped to achieve a slimmer bridge, thinner tip and a more refined appearance. There are also reports claiming that though she’s only 31, Braga already has wrinkles and lines on her face, making her turn to cosmetic enhancements for help.

Alice Braga Alice Braga

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