Anna Chlumsky Plastic Surgery Before and After

Anna Chlumsky was born on December 3, 1980 in Chicago, Illinois. She began her career at an early age, appearing in commercials. She made her film debut in 1989’s Uncle Buck and made her breakthrough as a child actress in 1991’s My Girl, playing the role of Vada Margaret Sultenfuss.

As she reached adulthood, roles became limited so she opted to study at the University of Chicago, graduating with a degree in International Studies in 2002. She returned to acting in 2007, appearing in some TV shows. Since 2012, she once again rose to fame for her role as Amy Brookheimer in HBO’s Veep.

Has Anna Chlumsky had Plastic Surgery?

Starting her acting career as a child, the now 33-year-old actress has surely experienced physical transformation that some people consider may be a result of plastic surgery. Making her comeback as an adult in 2007, observers noticed a subtle change in the actress’ face – her nose. Rumor has it that the My Girl star has undergone a rhinoplasty procedure to have her nose reshaped.

Based on her old photos, it could be noticed that Chlumsky’s nose now looks different than it did years ago. Her original nose was wider and more bulbous, especially at the bridge and the tip. After the alleged surgery, her nose has been straightened out, looking thinner and having a sharper appearance, which matched the rest of her facial features. Her nose now looks well-defined, giving the Veep actress a more glamorous look.

Anna Chlumsky Anna Chlumsky

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