Carice van Houten Plastic Surgery Before and After

Carice van Houten was born on 5 September 1976. She began her career in Dutch movies and television shows. She studied at Maastricht Academy of Dramatic Arts. She continued her studies at Kleinkunstacademie in Amsterdam. Her first lead role came in 1999 with the TV movie Suzy Q. She achieved greater fame in her country when she starred in 2006’s Black Book. This is the most successful Dutch movie to date.

Her first international role was in the German-American movie Valkyrie, starring Tom Cruise. She next played notable roles in the feature films Repo Men and Black Death. She became widely known in the 2010s for her role as Melisandre on Game of Thrones. She’s been portraying the part since 2012. She also had roles in the films The Fifth Estate, Race, Brimstone and Incarnate.

Has Carice van Houten had Plastic Surgery?

The Game of Thrones actress may be in her 40s, but she surely looks younger than her actual age. Her face looks flawless with only a few lines and her body is still remarkably slender. With this some observers could call it a work of plastic surgery. But the Dutch beauty hasn’t gone under the knife. She has actually chosen to take the non-surgical procedure. She admitted to be a fan of CACI Microlift, following the steps of other well-known celebrities like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez.

This procedure tones facial muscles while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lessen the manifestation of fine lines as well. The results are super fast, too. That’s why the actress was flawless on Game of Thrones. For now, she doesn’t think of an invasive surgical procedure to be necessary, because treatments like the CACI Microlift can still do the trick of giving her a flawless facial skin. Of course, non-surgical ones are better than having to go through a painful plastic surgery.

Carice van Houten

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