Connie Britton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Constance Elaine “Connie” Britton was born on March 6, 1967 in Boston, Massachusetts. She attended Dartmouth College where she majored in Asian Studies. She then moved to New York City after graduating and studied at Neighborhood Playhouse for two years. She made her film debut in 1995’s The Brothers McMullen.

She first gained recognition on TV for her role in Spin City. She then rose to further fame for her portrayal of Tami Taylor in Friday Night Lights. In 2011, she appeared as Vivien Harmon in American Horror Story. Since 2012, she has played Rayna Jaymes in the TV series Nashville.

Has Connie Britton had Plastic Surgery?

Connie Britton is in her late 40s and yet many people still consider her very attractive for her age. Achieving critical success mostly on television, the 47-year-old actress has made a name for herself since her role in Spin City in 1996. And though she’s getting older, her career becomes more promising as ever. One can say that aging makes Britton anything but insecure and unsuccessful. What could be her secret towards looking more radiant?

Some has speculated that the Nashville star could have gotten herself some surgical enhancements here and there in exchange for an ultimate make-over that would make her look younger than her actual age. But the actress revealed that she has never had any plastic surgery and most people believe her as she doesn’t look like she had one. Sure, she looks good for her age but most observers see no traces of cosmetic procedures and consider her a fine example of natural beauty.

Connie Britton Connie Britton

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