Daniela Ruah Plastic Surgery Before and After

Daniela Sofia Korn Ruah was born on December 2, 1983 in Boston, Massachusetts. She began acting in Portuguese soap operas during her teenage years, first landing a role in Jardins Proibidos at age 16. Two years later, she moved to London to attend the London Metropolitan University.

Her first English-language role was in the TV drama Guiding Light. She then played Kensi Blye on NCIS and later reprised her role on NCIS: Los Angeles, a character she still plays up to present. She went on to make her film debut in 2012’s Red Tails.

Has Daniela Ruah had Plastic Surgery?

Daniela Ruah is widely known for her portrayal of Kensi Byle on NCIS: Los Angeles, a role that made her a household name. And while her distinctive birth mark on her right eye already brings an impression, her unique beauty and fabulous body further catches attention. But since her fame in 2009, Ruah has sparked rumors of plastic surgery with some observers claiming that she has had a breast augmentation procedure. According to such rumors, Ruah’s breasts are too huge for her skinny frame.

More often than not, actresses with huge breasts but very tiny frame are suspected of having a fake bust. Rumors of Ruah’s breast implants intensified when photos of her running in a bikini surfaced online. It was noted that though she was moving on the photos, her breasts still appear round and seem to move on one solid mass rather than having a squishy look. However, others argued that Ruah’s seemingly round and firm breasts can be a result of great and expensive bras and bikinis.

Daniela Ruah Daniela Ruah

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