Ellen Barkin Plastic Surgery Before and After

Born on April 16, 1954, actress Ellen Barkin made her debut with an uncredited role in the 1978 film Up in Smoke. In the ’80s, she appeared on a few TV films before appearing in the movie Diner. She went on to perform in the movies Tender Mercies, Daniel, Enormous Changes at the Last Minute, Eddie and the Cruisers, and Harry & Son. During the ’90s, she gained greater fame for her starring role in the film Switch. For her performance here, she was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress.

She next starred in the movies Into the West, This Boy’s Life, Wild Bill, and The Fan. For her role as Glory Marie Jackson on the TV film Before Women Had Wings, she won the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress. She next starred as Annette Atkins in the feature Drop Dead Gorgeous. She starred in a couple of films in the 2000s before focusing her work on television. She starred as Jane Forrest on the NBC sitcom The New Normal. She next played Dani Kirschenbloom on the comedy-drama series Happyish. As of 2016, she plays Janine “Smurf” Cody on Animal Kingdom.

Has Ellen Barkin had Plastic Surgery?

Succumbing to the pressures of looking great in Hollywood, as well as to looking younger, the award-winning actress has had some cosmetic procedure experience in the form of Botox. However, she swears it’s something she doesn’t want to do again. As a matter of fact, she regretted having one before.

“Botox. I don’t like the way it makes people look. Too many people go overboard, and for an actress, that’s deadly. It keeps you from being able to have expressions. Some actresses who used to have a beautiful smile have this weird kind of oval thing they do with their mouths instead. They can’t frown anymore, either. They look like they’ve lost their minds,” she said.

According to her, she also hasn’t had any nose job or a facelift. She said: “I didn’t get my nose fixed; my whole face is crooked. Any plastic surgeon would look at me and try to even it out, and to do that he’d have to change everything, straighten my nose, make my eyes rounder. I don’t want to do that!” So, what makes her face tight and shiny looking? Thermage. It’s a radiofrequency treatment for tightening the skin and encouraging collagen growth. She also undergoes a laser treatment called Fraxel.

Ellen BarkinEllen Barkin

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