Estella Warren Plastic Surgery Before and After

Estella Dawn Warren was born on December 23, 1978 in Peterborough, Ontario. Before embarking on a modeling and acting career, she was a synchronized swimmer. This led her to be discovered where she eventually became a model. She has since modeled for Italian Vogue and Sports Illustrated.

She then began a film career, making her debut in 2001’s Perfume. She later came to mainstream fame when she starred in the blockbuster film Planet of the Apes. She has since appeared in other films, including Kangaroo Jack, I Accuse, The Cooler, and Her Minor Thing, among others.

Has Estella Warren had Plastic Surgery?

It has been said that Warren’s plastic surgery blunders may have caused her to disappear from the high-profile radar. After starring in 2001’s Planet of the Apes, it seems that Warren had stopped from getting involved in noteworthy projects. She first sparked rumors of being surgically enhanced when people noticed that her nose has drastically changed. Most people are even convinced as to the truthfulness of the rumors as it could be the only reason why the actress’ face has changed so much.

People remembered her as this model-turned-actress who has a very seductive and interesting face, but all of a sudden her facial register became dull and common as those other women who apparently had undergone plastic surgery. Observers also noted that plastic surgery made Warren look older as she’s only 35 but she looks so much older than her actual age.

Estella Warren Estella Warren

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