Lana Parrilla Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lana Parrilla was born on July 15, 1977. Following her high school graduation, she relocated to Los Angeles. There, she studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse to study acting. She also had a voice training for many years. In 1999, she made her debut in an episode of the TV series Grown Ups. She then made her feature film debut in Very Mean Men. Her first starring role on TV was as Angie Ordonez on Spin City.

After it ended, she starred as Teresa Ortiz on the TV series Boomtown. In 2005, she played Sarah Gavin on 24. She next played the role of Nina Schaefer on the short-lived series Windfall and as Trina Decker on Swingtown. She continued her career in the 2010s, starring as Dr. Eva Zambrano on Miami Medical. She gained wider recognition after landing the role of Regina Mills or the Evil Queen on Once Upon a Time.

Has Lana Parrilla had Plastic Surgery?

The actress is already in her 40s. Despite her age, the Once Upon a Time actress manages to stay radiant and youthful. Because she has been on television long enough, fans and critics alike wonder if Parrilla has had plastic surgery at one point in her career. It can be noted that her appearance has changed throughout the years. Since Hollywood is a place where many actors and actress resort to plastic surgery to preserve their youth or enhance their physical features, can it be possible that Parrilla had also gone under the knife?

According to reports, the television star could possibly gets Botox treatments to remove her wrinkles and fine lines. Her flawless facial skin is visible, so it is likely that she does get cosmetic enhancements to make her face more smooth and wrinkle-free. There are also rumors that the actress had even gotten herself a nose job, which is why her nose now looks sharper and more well-defined. However, these are only rumors with no real basis and the actress hasn’t also said anything about such claims yet.

Lana Parrilla

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