Lena Headey Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lena Headey was born on March 10, 1973 in Bermuda and grew up in Yorkshire before moving to London, England in her teenage years. She was discovered by an acting agent at the age of 17, when she performed in a school production with some of her friends and was asked to audition, which made way for her movie debut in the film Waterland (1996).

Even without formal training, Headey proved to be a natural actress and has been playing an interesting variety of roles in her career, from strong warrior-like women in movies like The Brother’s Grimm (2005) and a Spartan queen in 300 (2006), to a sweet lesbian florist in Imagine You and Me (2005). Her most iconic role by far is the incestuous Cersei Lannister in the Game of Thrones TV series.

Has Lena Headey Had Plastic Surgery?

With the HBO show now on its 6th season and gaining more viewers by the week; cunning, manipulative Cersei remains to be one of the most seductive contender to the Iron Throne, and fans do wonder if there is a secret behind the actress’ flawless skin and timeless beauty. Headey is suspected to have done some minor enhancements like face fillers and blepharoplasty, which preserves her fresh youthful glow.

However, no major plastic surgery is evident as we can still see the lines on her face and some light wrinkles which means that it is unlikely that she had Botox. Yet she had kept her skin looking fair and supple, her cheeks are still firm which could be because of the fillers. Or could it be because she is a boxing enthusiast? She does yoga regularly, too! Her role as the deceitful queen in the said series also requires her to look mature. And Lena Headey is just as naturally pretty even as she ages.

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