Robin Wright Plastic Surgery Before and After

Robin Gayle Wright was born on April 8, 1966 in Dallas, Texas. Her acting career began in 1983 when she appeared in the TV series The Yellow Rose. She then earned recognition when she played Kelly Capwell in the soap Santa Barbara. Her career on the big screen came in 1986 when she made her film debut in Hollywood Vice Squad.

Her portrayal as Buttercup in 1987’s The Princess Bride and Jenny Curran in 1994’s Forrest Gump made her an established Hollywood star. Other films include Message in a Bottle, White Oleander and Beowulf. She currently plays Claire Underwood in the TV series House of Cards.

Has Robin Wright had Plastic Surgery?

The Forrest Gump actress has been vocal about her plastic surgery endeavors. Recently playing a major role in the critically acclaimed series House of Cards, the 48-year-old star has considered undergoing a facelift to to look great in the show. She also confessed to almost being talked into having breast implants and lip injections as well. Wright, however, decided to not do anything on her face and body.

She then told herself that what she wanted was to get older and have wrinkles, that is aging the natural and graceful way. But Botox apparently is an exception. Though she refused to undergo invasive procedures, she finds Botox helpful as long as she doesn’t have too much. According to the actress, she only has small amounts twice a year, enough to give her a glowing skin without restricting her facial muscles.

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