Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery Before and After

Stephanie Lynn Pratt was born on April 11, 1986 in Los Angeles, California. She first gained mainstream recognition when she became a supporting cast member on the reality television series The Hills. She eventually became a primary cast member in 2010.

She then began appearing in the BAFTA award-winning reality television show Made in Chelsea in 2013, starting as a recurring part in season 6, eventually becoming a main cast in season 7. She also recently appeared in another reality show, Celebrity Big Brother UK, for its fourteenth series.

Has Stephanie Pratt had Plastic Surgery?

28-year-old Stephanie Pratt, just like her The Hills co-stars, has also sparked rumors of plastic surgery when viewers noticed a dramatic change on her face. A few years back, Pratt was suspected of undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure. Her original nose had an uneven bridge and a distinctive longer tip, which sort of looked almost masculine. She reportedly had it reshaped, straightening the bridge and trimming down the tip. After the alleged surgery, her nose became thinner and more well-defined, giving her a more feminine and glamorous look. Some viewers instantly saw the transformation.

Aside from allegedly having her nose done, Pratt has also been suspected of receiving lip injections. Fans and critics alike believe her lips before were thinner but now is a different story as her lips look fuller, giving her a more sensual expression. If the rumors were true, the nose job and lip injections didn’t do much harm on the reality star. The result is said to be apparent but subtle at the same time because it made her face seem more vibrant while still looking natural.

Stephanie Pratt Stephanie Pratt

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