Zendaya Plastic Surgery Before and After

Zendaya was born on September 1, 1996. Her show business career started as a child model. She also worked as a backup dancer. From 2010 to 2013, she played the role of Rocky Blue in the Disney series Shake It Up. This gained her mainstream fame. While on the show, she starred as Halley Brandon in the TV movie Frenemies. She also appeared on the reality series Dancing with the Stars as a contestant.

Around the same time, she ventured into recording, releasing her debut album Zendaya in 2013. She next starred in the TV movie Zapped. In 2015, she started starring the lead role K.C. Cooper in the TV series K.C. Undercover. This year, she became further known for starring as Michelle “MJ” Jones in the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. She also starred in the feature film The Greatest Showman.

Has Zendaya had Plastic Surgery?

The 21-year-old actress gained mainstream prominence as a teenager courtesy of her starring gig on Disney’s Shake It Up. In the present, the singer-actress continues to gain fame as she ventures into the big screen. She’s also becoming more known as a fashion icon with reports and fans ecstatic about her red carpet looks. However, some observers also note that the young star’s appearance is notably changing these days. With this, there have been some rumors surrounding Zendaya’s alleged plastic surgery.

According to some of the claims, the former Disney star has had a nose job to refine the appearance and the shape of her nose. This is the reason why the actress’ nose now looks so more polished with a narrower and straighter bridge. Her changed nose is also the reason why her face looks enhanced, according to these rumors. Could these claims be true? After all, Zendaya is only in her early 20s. She’s just too young to have plastic surgery. But the again it’s Hollywood and some celebrities have chosen the plastic surgery route even at a young age.


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