Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Before and After

Daryl Christine Hannah was born on December 3, 1960 in Chicago, Illinois. Her acting career began with her film debut in 1978’s The Fury. Her breakthrough came four years later as Pris in 1982’s Blade Runner. Her lead role in Ron Howard’s 1984 film Splash opposite Tom Hanks established her as a high-profile actress.

She continued appearing in other successful films in the 1980s such as The Clan of the Cave Bear, Legal Eagles, Wall Street, Roxanne, Crimes and Misdemeanors and Steel Magnolias. In 2004, she made her comeback as Elle Driver in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, Volume 2.

Has Daryl Hannah had Plastic Surgery?

In Hollywood where actors and actresses are commodities, ageing is something that’s considered a threat. In this case, ageing women like 53-year-old Daryl Hannah is said to have turned to plastic surgery to maintain her youthful glow.

Rumor has it that the Splash actress has had Botox to soften and eventually eliminate wrinkles. But instead of making her look younger, Botox gave her a wax-like appearance. She also reportedly has had eyelift and cheek augmentation, giving her fuller cheeks and a tighter forehead.

Experts have observed that although Hannah may have the right set of cosmetic enhancements, her excessive use of Botox spoiled everything that her desired appearance was not achieved.

Daryl Hannah Daryl Hannah

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