Juliette Binoche Plastic Surgery Before and After

Juliette Binoche was born on March 9, 1964 in Paris, France. At an early age, she became keen in acting, joining in amateur school productions. After appearing in the TV series Dorothée, danseuse de corde, she made her film debut in 1983’s Liberty Belle. Her experience in the film inspired her to pursue acting professionally.

In France, she gained recognition for her roles in the films Rendez-vous and Hail Mary. She then gained worldwide stardom for her first English-language role in 1988’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being. She has since starred in internationally prominent movies like The English Patient, Chocolat, and Godzilla.

Has Juliette Binoche had Plastic Surgery?

The Oscar-winning actress is one of those actresses who has not had any plastic surgery, and to which people recognize the fact and does not come up with false reports. As beautiful and respected Binoche is, she does not simply give anyone the ammunition to load plastic surgery rumors about her. From the beginning of her career up to present, she looks natural than ever as she opts to age gracefully.

When asked what her thoughts on plastic surgery are, she said that while women especially in the United States go for Botox to hide the signs of aging, what it actually does is make them older. As for every wrinkle they hide, however smooth and tight the face becomes, still implies their fear of getting older and it is not something that can be considered beautiful. She added: “In France, beauty is much more subtle – and there is a greater acceptance of age.”

Juliette Binoche Juliette Binoche

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