Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jennifer Ann “Jenny” McCarthy was born on November 1, 1972 in Chicago, Illinois. She began her career as a model for Playboy magazine, first gaining recognition when she posed nude for the magazine. She was later named Playmate of the Year in 1993. This then led her to land roles on television and film.

She has appeared in the films Scream 3, Scary Movie 3, John Tucker Must Die, and Witless Protection, among others. On television, she became known for her appearances on Singled Out, Jenny, Two and a Half Men, as well as for her hosting jobs in The Jenny McCarthy Show and The View.

Has Jenny McCarthy had Plastic Surgery?

Baring everything by posing nude on Playboy back in the 1990s, the 41-year-old model and actress is far from being the shy type. So, when viewers wondered why McCarthy still looks incredibly good for her age, she admitted that she regularly relies to cosmetic enhancements to do their magic and let her reap the good results – looking younger than her actual age. She also said that plastic surgery can be a good thing if done properly.

As for her cosmetic help, she confessed to using Botox to maintain her youthful radiance. In an interview with Life & Style magazine, she revealed: “I get Botox in my forehead. I just have my doctor do a little shot.” Her minimal use of Botox may be the reason why the effects on her face still look natural. But there are also rumors claiming that McCarthy isn’t only using Botox, she’s also using facial fillers to maintain the perkiness of her cheeks.

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