Kristin Chenoweth Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kristin Dawn Chenoweth was born on July 24, 1968 in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. She rose to fame when she won a Tony Award for her portrayal of Sally Brown in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown on Broadway. She then achieved wider stardom for originating the role of Glinda in the musical Wicked.

On TV, she became known for her role on The West Wing and Pushing Daisies, the latter of which earned her an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress. On film, she has appeared in Stranger than Fiction, Deck the Halls, Four Christmases, Into Temptation and Hit and Run, among others.

Has Kristin Chenoweth had Plastic Surgery?

46-year-old singer and actress has endured rumors of plastic surgery throughout her musical and acting career. While the star may have accepted the backlash these reports of cosmetic procedures have done to her career, the rumors also endures, staying stronger and persistent, unless such rumors are stopped by Chenoweth herself by confirming the reports. Over the years, she has been accused of undergoing invasive operations such as a nose job and cheek implants.

Her present nose is seen as more refined than it was before, having narrower bridge and more polished tip. Her cheeks have also arisen suspicions as they seem to be puffier in the present, prompting claims that the celebrity has had fillers or a fat grafting procedure. Looking drastically different that she was years ago, more viewers are also convinced that the singer/actress has relied to anti-aging treatments such as as Botox and fillers to maintain her youthful look.

Kristin Chenoweth Kristin Chenoweth

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