Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before and After

Philip Andre Rourke Jr. was born on September 16, 1952 in Schenectady, New York. He concentrated mainly on sports during his teenage years. After suffering from a concussion, he was advised to take a break from boxing, which led him to acting.

He made his first film appearance in Steven Spielberg’s film 1941. He then gained recognition for his subsequent roles in such films as 9½ Weeks, Barfly, Year of the Dragon and Angel Heart. In the 2000s, he gained fame for his roles in Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Sin City, and The Wrestler.

Has Mickey Rourke had Plastic Surgery?

Rourke is not only notorious for his films and boxing career, he’s also notorious for his plastic surgery that had completely gone wrong. After his face got damaged by boxing, he tried to revive it by going to a plastic surgeon, which he later regretted because he went to the wrong person.

In an interview with The Daily Mail back in 2009, he revealed that he had broken his nose twice and had five operations on his nose and on a smashed cheekbone. Apparently, the boxer-turned-actor underwent extensive and painful surgeries to put his face back together but all his financial and physical efforts were in vain as the result wasn’t that very pleasing.

Mickey Rourke Mickey Rourke

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