Jessica Paré Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jessica Paré was born on December 5, 1980 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She studied drama at TheatreWorks and as a teenager, she has appeared in a number of amateur theatre productions. Her professional acting career began in 1990 when she appeared in an episode of The Baby-Sitters Club.

She then made her film debut in 2000’s Stardom, followed by 2001’s Lost and Delirious and 2004’s Wicker Park. She gained wider fame for her role in 2010’s Hot Tub Machine. On TV, she first became known for her role in Jack & Bobby. Since 2010, she has played Megan Calvet Draper in the critically acclaimed Mad Men.

Has Jessica Paré had Plastic Surgery?

Canadian star Jessica Paré has recently achieved significant attention for roles on both film and television. Her unique beauty, in addition to her talent, has certainly helped her attract recognition. Enjoying mainstream success, the 33-year-old actress also receives rumors of plastic surgery, first claiming that the Mad Men actress has had breast implants. There are reports saying that Paré’s present cup size is bigger that it was years ago.

Some also believes that Paré has had her nose and lips done. Rumor has it that her nose looks to have been reshaped before she gained recognition as it looks too perfectly straight now. This somehow made some people think that maybe her great nose was from a rhinoplasty procedure. Her lips also look to have been enhanced, appearing fuller and more pouty, which gives her a sexier look.

Jessica Paré Jessica Paré

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