Paz de la Huerta Plastic Surgery Before and After

María de la Paz Elizabeth Sofía Adriana de la Huerta, professionally known as Paz de la Huerta, was born on September 3, 1984. Before embarking on a film career, she was a sought-after runway model. She made her film debut in 1998’s The Object of My Affection. The following year, she starred in The Cider House Rules.

She has since starred in other feature films such as Riding in Cars with Boys, A Walk to Remember, Fierce People, and Hollywood Dreams, among others. On TV, made guest appearances in various television shows before landing a main role as Lucy Danziger in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

Has Paz de la Huerta had Plastic Surgery?

Paz de la Huerta is one of those women in the show business who possesses a unique look that helped her make it big in the fashion world. Her entry into the acting world also worked out fine until she allegedly destroyed her look with plastic surgery. Recently, the model-turned-actress made red carpet appearances that surprised onlookers as she looks way different now than she did years ago. First, there are rumors that de la Huerta has had lots of fillers injected into her lips making her mouth look weird.

Her new look led people to call her another victim of the trout pout phenomenon, which happens to anyone who receives more fillers than their lips could handle. The 29-year-old star also faces rumors of breast implants. Posing nude for noted photographer Terry Richardson, de la Huerta covers her right breast in most of the photos, leading some to believe her breast implants didn’t go so well, leaving her right boob with an unpleasant result.

Paz de la Huerta Paz de la Huerta

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