Russell Crowe Plastic Surgery Before and After

Russell Crowe was born in New Zealand on April 7, 1964. He began his career in Australia by appearing on television when he was a kid. He continued this in his later life, stopping for awhile to become a musician when he returned to New Zealand. After deciding to pursue acting again in Australia, he’s had more stable work on television then on film. He later ventured into Hollywood, starring in The Quick and the Dead, L.A. Confidential, and earning an Oscar nomination for his role in 1999’s The Insider.

Worldwide prominence followed with 2000’s Gladiator, which won him his first Oscar for Best Actor. He played another critically acclaimed performance in 2001’s A Beautiful Mind portraying mathematician John Nash. He has since starred in other well-known feature films, such as in Cinderella Man, A Good Year, 3:10 to Yuma, American Gangster, Body of Lies, and Robin Hood. Being a prolific actor, he continued his career in the 2010s with performances in Les Misérables, Man of Steel, and Noah.

Has Russell Crowe had Plastic Surgery?

The award-winning actor is already in his 50s and some are already wondering if he’s had any plastic surgery in his attempt to look younger. But based on his current physical appearance, it can be assumed that the actor has not really undergone any cosmetic procedures to do something about the lines on his face, maybe even Botox. With that being said, it seems that the Gladiator star has chosen to age gracefully, unlike other aging actors who have chosen to give surgical enhancements a try.

Even though there are some saying that the actor should probably try Botox to look better and lessen the years on his age, Crowe stood strong on his stance against plastic surgery. This only means that he’s one of the few actors who are resolute in not giving in to going under the knife, or even just minor cosmetic enhancements because this would affect their full capacity in doing their jobs as an actor.

Russell Crowe

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