Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery Before and After

Born on March 25, 1965, Sarah Jessica Parker is the daughter of Barbara and Stephen Parker. She was trained in singing and ballet as a young girl and subsequently landed a part in the Broadway revival of The Innocents.

Parker gained recognition for her early works on film, including 1984’s Footloose and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. During the next few years, she starred in well-known films like Honeymoon in Vegas and Hocus Pocus.

On television, she first earned notice for her role in the sitcom Square Pegs but it was her role as Carrie Bradshaw in HBO’s Sex and the City that brought her international stardom and acclaim.

Has Sarah Jessica Parker had Plastic Surgery?

At 49, the Sex and the City actress is still looking fab. Because of her youthful appearance, Parker is said to have been relying on cosmetic enhancements to help her in looking younger than her age, that is why many people believe she is a regular Botox user.

However, the actress vehemently denied the rumors, saying: “I’ve had no Botox, no collagen, nothing. I have lines, but if some of my peers weren’t having things done, I wouldn’t think about it.”

There were also rumors about the actress’ consideration of undergoing plastic surgery to change her “ugly” hands. Parker denied the reports, saying that she would never change her hands because she had inherited them from her mother.

Sarah Jessica Parker Sarah Jessica Parker

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