Angie Harmon Plastic Surgery Before and After

Angela Michelle “Angie” Harmon was born on August 10, 1972 in Highland Park, Texas, United States. She began her career as a model, establishing a prolific career as one in the early 1990s. While still a model, she walked the runway for such fashion houses as Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani. She was also featured on the covers of ELLE and Esquire.

She then ventured into acting in the mid 1990s, making her first TV appearance in Renegade. In 1997, she made her feature debut in Lawn Dogs. From 1995 to 1997, she was exposed with her starring role in Baywatch Nights as Ryan McBride. Subsequently, she starred as Abbie Carmichael in Law & Order, earning her further prominence among TV viewers. She reprised her role in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She now stars as Jane Rizzoli in Rizzoli & Isles, which she began playing in 2010.

Has Angie Harmon had Plastic Surgery?

43-year-old actress Angie Harmon first built a career in modeling and was highly successful with this endeavor. Her venture into acting also went well as she has since become a household name upon making her acting debut in the mid 1990s. As she ages in the acting industry, people become more critical of how she looks, especially when she looks good despite her age. Because of this, there have been talks about the possibility that she may have had plastic surgery to maintain her youthful appearance.

In an interview with People magazine years ago, Harmon said: “I don’t feel 35. I feel more like 25…. I’m half-Greek, half-American Indian, so my dermatologist told me I’ll never age. But it’s also about taking care of yourself: Your skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside your body.” Of course, she’s no longer 35, but this just somehow reveals what makes her look so great despite being in her 40s. She takes care of herself really well, and guess it has something to do with her amazing genes as well.

Angie Harmon

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