Anna Paquin Plastic Surgery Before and After

Anna Helene Paquin was born on July 24, 1982 in Manitoba, Canada. Her first film was in 1993’s The Piano, for which she gained critical acclaim and won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress at age 11. She has since appeared in such films as She’s All That and Almost Famous.

She achieved international stardom as Rogue in X-Men, X2, X-Men: The Last Stand, and X-Men: Days of Future Past. She also became widely known for her role as Sookie Stackhouse in the HBO series True Blood, which earned her a Golden Globe for Best Actress.

Has Anna Paquin had Plastic Surgery?

The True Blood actress is widely known for the gap in her front teeth, causing people to wonder why she doesn’t have them fixed. Paquin has expressed dismay on the subject and considers it rude to be asked why she decides to leave her teeth the way they are. In an interview, she said: “Interestingly enough, I don’t really care about my teeth.”

She explained that any woman could hope to change something about herself as anyone is critical and self-obsessed. However, she thinks that getting something fixed when it’s not medically necessary can interfere with acting as this could make someone’s look more generic. She said: “If you have a whole bunch of work done with your teeth and your face and your boobs then you’re only going to play modern people. That’s a big choice to make. Very limiting.”

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