Will Smith Plastic Surgery Before And After

Will smith was born in a Catholic household to Caroline, a Philadelphia school board administrator, and Willard Carol Smith Sr, a refrigeration engineer on 25th September 1968. He grew up in a West Philadelphia neighborhood which is said to have comprised of a very diverse culture and people. It is also said that Will’s smart mouth and killer charms helped him get out of a lot of trouble and also led him to be known as the Prince.

Although Smith started rapping by the age of 12, his career as a rapper officially began when he met a DJ at a party at the age of 16. This led to the inception of the DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince duo. However, in 1990 Smith moved into television serials and became a hit for his shown popularly known as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Later in 1992, Smith moved to the film industry and got small roles in movies like Where the Day Takes You (1992) and Made in America (1993). However, his real fame came with the making of Bad Boys in 1995. Every since, the Men in Black star has risen to tremendous fame and fortune.

Has Will Smith Had Plastic Surgery?

Like every Hollywood star, Will Smith has often been under the scrutinizing question regarding the possibility of plastic surgery. And like every other Hollywood star, even Will Smith is known to tweaked up a little of his appearance over the years although he is not entirely open to discussing his plastic surgery whims with the media.

Rumor has it, Will Smith may have gotten an otoplasty done to diminish the look of his otherwise prominent years. Before and after pictures reveal small intricate details regarding the shape of his ears. His youth pictures clearly show prominent outwards shaping years although recent pictures show otherwise. There is also a possibility that the star may have gotten plastic surgery done to refine and remove the ear pinning which was very prominently visible in the past and especially during the time when he got married to Jada Pinkett Smith. The otoplasty may have also help remove any signs of the ear pinning along with shaping up his ears a bit.

Like every star, we are sure Will Smith wants to look prim and classy with flawless skin especially at this peak time in his career. Although Afro Caribbean individuals generally age very differently from Caucasians and Asians, however when we see the 46 year old heartthrob with smooth flawless skin, it is no trick to assume some kind of Botox injections must be involved. If it’s not Botox, then it is definitely got be some kind of fillers since the face looks really smooth with no wrinkles and laugh lines. A strong indicator is the guys immovable face features which are a clear give away.

Whether Will Smith is pining to look as young as his young son, or he is only doing under the strict and stern strains of the media, either ways we shall never know the real truth behind the Prince’s transformed ears or flawless skin.


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