Asia Argento Plastic Surgery Before and After

Asia Argento was born on 20 September 1975. She’s an Italian actress. So, she naturally first established her career in Italy. During the ’90s, she starred in several Italian films. The following decade, she ventured into writing and directing with the movie Scarlet Diva. In 2002, she gained international prominence for starring as the female lead in the Hollywood movie xXx.

She next starred in the film The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, which she also co-wrote and directed. She next starred in the movie Land of the Dead and portrayed Madame du Barry in Marie Antoinette. Her next films were in Transylvania, Boarding Gate, and Go Go Tales, among others. She continued acting in the 2010s. During this period, she played Lucy in Dracula 3D. In 2014, she wrote and directed Misunderstood.

Has Asia Argento had Plastic Surgery?

The actress may already be in her 40s, but she doesn’t look it. People can agree that she’s younger than her actual age. While celebrities usually credit their radiant skins and youthful looks to a healthy lifestyle, there’s always the possibility of plastic surgery. In fact, several actors and actresses hire the services of plastic surgeons in order to improve their looks. Some admit to having such cosmetic procedures, while others attribute their enhanced looks to good genes or a great diet plan.

As for Argento’s case, it doesn’t seem that the actress has undergone any plastic surgery. Looking at her face, her features haven’t changed much. Plus, she also has a few lines as signs of aging, though these just appear subtly on her face. It is possible, however, that the Italian beauty just gets herself some minor cosmetic enhancements, like fillers or lasers; but nothing invasive, though, like a nose job. It seems that Argento wants to preserve her natural beauty and age gracefully as an actress.

Asia Argento

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