Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery Before and After

Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin was born on October 18, 1990 in Wasilla, Alaska. Her parents are Sarah and Todd Palin. She first gained media attention after news of her pregnancy circulated during her mother’s unsuccessful run for Vice President.

She gained further recognition when she competed in the 2010 season of Dancing with the Stars where she reached the finals and finished in third place. In 2011, she released her best-selling memoir Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far.

Has Bristol Palin had Plastic Surgery?

Palin sparked rumors of plastic surgery in 2011 after attending an afterparty in Washington D.C. where she was spotted sporting a new look. Not only was she slimmer, it was also distinctive how she appeared to have a more angular jaw and sharpened chin, changing her face radically.

In an interview with US Weekly, she revealed it was not plastic surgery but was a corrective jaw surgery. Its purpose was for her jaw and teeth to properly realign. She also said that she doesn’t obsess over her face and the necessity of the procedure was backed by medical reasons.

She reiterated that although it changed, or rather, improved the way she looks, there was no cosmetic intention on her part. She also revealed that she had undergone the procedure in December 2010, at the age of 20.

Bristol Palin Bristol Palin

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