Chris O’Donnell Plastic Surgery Before and After

Chris O’Donnell was born on June 26, 1970. He studied marketing at Boston College, but he was only 13 when he started modeling and appeared in several commercials. He was 16 when he got his first acting gig on a television series. By the time he was 17 he got an audition for a role in Men Don’t Leave and won the said role, marking his debut on the big screen. Two years later, he starred opposite Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman, which got him mainstream praises.

His performance in the said feature got him an Golden Globe nomination in the supporting actor category. It was, however, his role as Robin in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin that garnered him international recognition. In the 2000s, he starred in the films Vertical Limit, The Bachelor, Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, and Max Payne. His last movie project was in 2010. This is because he started playing a starring role on the TV series NCIS: Los Angeles. He stars on the show until now.

Has Chris O’Donnell had Plastic Surgery?

Who could forget boy-next-door hottie Chris O’Donnell during the prime of his film career in the 1990s? His smile and gazing look were enough for girls to do a lot of cheering. Years have passed and the actor is still active on the screen, though only on television. Ever since the box office flop and the horrendous reviews of Batman & Robin, O’Donnell hasn’t seemed to have recovered. Thankfully, he’s on primetime television now. However, it is pretty obvious that the actor’s appearance has changed.

Though he still is handsome, his presence on the screen feels different. Of course, the culprit for this change is ageing, that’s a no-brainer. After all, he’s turning 46 this year. He was only 22 when he starred in Scent of a Woman. So, that’s a lot of years. However, others are also pointing out to the possibility that, maybe, the actor has had cosmetic enhancements when he was already feeling the signs of getting older, and that such adventure with a plastic surgeon just didn’t work out well for him. He doesn’t look terrible or anything, observers are only weighing in such possibility. What do you think? Could Chris O’Donnell have plastic surgery?

Chris O'Donnell

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